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Wm. Farmer and Sons

Hudson, NY


From the shortlist of David Mann

Notes from the website:
Hudson, NY serves as a commercial center to many burgeoning restaurateurs, musicians, artists and shop owners. But it's also surrounded by the bounty of the Hudson Valley, from beautiful farms to popular hiking trails and more. For this reason, Hudson is often referred to as the “Downtown to the Upstate,” and it was right on the edge of this very downtown, overlooking the Hudson River, that we fell in love with a building. And a vision. Wm Farmer & Sons and the Farmer family was born. At first, owners Kristan & Kirby were just spending weekends visiting the Hudson Valley and Hudson. But as many NYC ex-pats can attest to, one too many visits can tip the scale from weekend delight and discovery into full time, all-out love. In 2013, with a baby on the way, they bought the historic 19th century Front Street building and began a two-year process of renovations in order to make the building what it has become today.