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(518) 509-2620

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The Maker Lounge

Hudson, NY

Frank Rosa


"Old road atmosphere in a newly restored carriage house. Excellent cocktails and live Jazz."

Notes from the website:
The history of hospitality is inseparable from the history of people. It stretches back to ancient times, providing refuge through comfort, safety, entertainment, and kindness. At The Maker Hotel, this history of generosity is further infused with inspired creativity, seductive intimacy, and a sense of belonging. Your stay with us is a journey dedicated to you and full of possibility. We welcome your escape with a world fulfilled by eclecticism, diversity, and an immense attention to detail. Our spaces are an assemblage of histories and a celebration of craftsmanship spanning eras of design, art, and literature, thoughtfully collected from all over the world. We encourage you to explore the breadth of our spaces with limitless curiosity. In every aspect, The Maker embraces you with tranquility, passionate design & unparalleled comfort. We urge you to lose yourself in your surroundings while we nourish you with exquisite meals, stimulating conversation, captivating art, and genuine laughter. At the end of your journey, we hope you take us with you when you go and always return to the mark you leave behind.