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The Hoot

Northport, ME
Notes from the website:
he Hoot is a farm-to-table restaurant that sources the vast majority of the meat we serve from our own family farms. Breludin Farm, located 5 miles from the restaurant here in Northport, Maine, is a 700 acre property devoted entirely to producing meat and vegetables for our guests. This year we have added Herrick’s Corner Farm, a 300 acre property also located in Northport, where we are raising heritage breed pigs and are in the process of erecting a 20’x50’ high tunnel greenhouse for produce. We raise 100% grass-fed beef and lamb following organic practices, as well as free-range chicken and ducks and pastured pork. All of our herbs and vegetables are also raised organically. In addition to our own farms, we support a variety of local farmers within 25 miles of our restaurant; the products we choose vary both weekly and seasonally, and are always listed on the back section of our menus.