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The Heron Restaurant

Narrowsburg, NY

"Paul Nanni, the chef, had previously worked in NYC and came to Sullivan County to settle down with his wife. The food is the best Narrowsburg has to offer. With some classics on the menu, such as fried chicken and grits."

Notes from the website:
What is there to tell? A small-town girl with roots in restaurants moves to the big city to fulfill her fantasy of working in television. A city boy, born and raised in Detroit, goes to the Culinary Institute of America and moves to NYC, with hopes of running a restaurant of his own someday. While they don’t know it yet, the roots of The Heron start years ago when Marla and Paul meet on the set of “Inner Chef with Marcus Samuelson”, Paul working behind the scenes as a food stylist & Sous chef & Marla working as the series producer. After years in the city talking about opening a restaurant, their dream becomes a reality, in a very unexpected place, Narrowsburg, New York. Inspired by the vast resources of the region, Marla and Paul relocate to Sullivan County with the hopes of creating a restaurant that is community driven and locally sustainable. Their goal: to provide the region with great food and a comfortable atmosphere where everyone is welcome.