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The Farmer’s Wife

Ancramdale, NY

"An old relic brought back to life and made even better than before."

Karen Klopp


"It is newly reopened by Cindy and Dan Kish to the delight of the local community. Early morning, you will see the horsey set, picking up breakfast before an early ride."


"Great lunch menu, many ingredients are sourced locally, in a farmhouse café."

Notes from the website:
The Farmer's Wife was established in 2002, when Dorcas Sommerhoff (aka, the farmer’s wife) turned her decade-old, home-kitchen-based business into a bustling café and full-service caterer. Second-generation owners Emilie Sommerhoff and Job Yacubian are not the farmer's wife and the farmer, but the farmer's daughter and son-in-law. They live in the old clapboard farmhouse where Emilie spent her childhood. Emilie has directed operations at The Farmer’s Wife since 2010. Job, an award-winning chef who grew up on a Massachusetts horse farm, has led The Farmer’s Wife kitchen since 2006. The food is as connected to the local harvest as it is to the evolving culinary culture of the region, with ingredients sourced from farms down the road and purveyors across the Northeast.