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The DeBruce

Livingston Manor, NY

"The DeBruce is setting the new standard for upstate NY hospitality with everything in one place - outdoor adventures, fine dining and chic and comfortable accommodations."

“I love to check in at The DeBruce and say hello to some guests, while enjoying the great views of the valley below from The Great Room.”

Notes from the website:
The DeBruce has the fortune and privilege of being nestled in one of the great sleepy river valleys in the United States. She sits on a ledge overlooking the Willowemoc Valley and its namesake river here in upstate New York's Catskill Park. With its 14 guest rooms, access to hundreds of acres of private land spanning two mountains, a river, several ponds and a private pool, The DeBruce focuses on conveying a story about its own particular place and time.