Scribner’s Catskill Lodge

Hunter, NY

Photo credits: Sydney Bensimon, Read McKendree, Nicole Franzen

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From the website of Scribner’s Catskill Lodge: Perched high on a hill surrounded by fields of grass and trees stands Scribner’s Catskill Lodge. Since 1966, this building has welcomed and warmed the spirits of adventurers seeking refuge from their daily lives and explorers looking for something new. Beginning fall 2016, Scribner’s will do so in a new way, to a new beat. It will be unique in almost every way. You will notice that things are different here. There’s a brick road inside where people used to unload cars. This is where you’ll check in. In the summer, you’ll take a dip in water surrounded by mountains. In the winter, you’ll gather by the fire under the stars. The rooms, of which few are alike, have fireplaces and lofted beds. Downstairs, you’ll come together for an alpine dinner prepared just for you by the house chefs. At night, you’ll rally your friends around the bar and watch the sun sink behind the peaks in the distance. On your way home you'll wonder in silence if you should tell others or just keep this secret to yourself.

13 Scribner Hollow Rd, Hunter, NY 12442, USA - map  • 
(518) 628-5130

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