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Saunderskill Farm

Accord, NY, 12404

"To call this Schoonmaker Family spot our local farm stand would be to sell them way short. Our daily morning ritual isn’t complete without stopping there to get our morning coffee and the best just out of the machine homemade donuts you can find in the area. And besides the usual organic farmed seasonal produce from their lands, they also have delicious ‪grab and go prepared foods, grass fed beef, Kate’s cookies, Talenti ice-cream and so much more. They only problem is that as farmers, they close the doors from Christmas through March and it makes the winter harder on us than a blizzard!"

Notes from the website:
At Saunderskill Farms, growing has taken place since 1680. We have 13 greenhouses, heated with our own corn. The greenhouses start filling up late February with hanging baskets, garden flats, perennials, vegetable plants, hot house tomatoes and new this year hot house strawberries. As the greenhouses start to empty in the Spring the attention is turned to the fields. We are currently farming 450 acres. Asparagus, Strawberries, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Apples and Pumpkins are just a handful of the produce we grow. Grandma Alice and Grandpa Jack still live in the old stone house on the farm that was built in 1770.