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Rubiner’s Cheesemongers & Grocers

Great Barrington, MA
Notes from the website:
Rubiner’s Cheesemongers & Grocers follows in the venerated tradition of cheesemongery, the Chauceresque occupation, nay, vocation (!) of bringing the finest cheeses from the small farmer/producer to the consumer. Although The Cheesemonger’s Tale was tragically lost to history, it was no doubt the story of a devastatingly winning, handsome, and near-magical individual who dispensed great pleasure to the people of the English countryside in the form of pungent, preserved dairy products. In fact, literary scholars believe it was the cheesemonger, and not the old hag, who told the errant knight what women most desire--equal pay for equal work, a girls night out with Tina Fey, and the best damn cheese available. But we digress.