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Pidgin Antiques and Objects


Just when you thought the classic antique store in the countryside was a thing of the past along comes Kostas with Pidgin. This shop is a bit out of the way but you won’t be sorry you took the time to visit, the editing is beyond and the mix is super shoppable. Stop at Gracie’s Luncheonette along the way.

Ana Hito


When it comes to antique shops, this one wins first place in my heart.

Notes from Pidgin Antiques and Objects:
A pidgin is a simplified form of communication; an informal language, often developed in trade, allowing those from different backgrounds to convey thoughts to one another. I like to think of the objects in my store, with their quiet presence and shared appeal, as both the medium and the message. I am a poet and a collector, and neither pays the bills. I have made my living as a salesman throughout my adult life, and I share my heartfelt thanks with all of the amazing store owners and visionary merchants that I’ve worked with over the past 25 years. PIDGIN is part self-portrait and part love letter to all of you.

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Pidgin Antiques and Objects

pidgin antiques and objects oak hill

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