Orange County Distillery

New Hampton, NY
Notes from the website:
Orange County Distillery is the result of what happens when two small business owners have the same long four month off-season. What started as an off the hip idea at a Christmas party very quickly turned into something real, more than just an idea. That idea turned into an LLC, which turned a run down one-hundred year old barn being used for tractor and spare parts storage into a distillery, which turned a working vegetable farm into a farm that also fronts as a distillery farm. Orange County Distillery was founded by John Glebocki and Bryan Ensall. Both former small business owners in Orange County, they now both work full time for Orange County Distillery. Co-Owner and Co-Founder John Glebocki was the owner of J. Glebocki Farms, a fifth-generation farm in Goshen, New York. Co-Owner and Co-Founder Bryan Ensall was the owner of a lawn care franchise that serviced all of Orange County, New York. Together, these two small business owners somehow found the spare time away from those other full-time jobs to build the distillery from the ground up, almost entirely with their own two hands (the only thing they chose not to do themselves was install the electrical panel board).