Mill House Brewing Company

Poughkeepsie, NY
Notes from the website:
We opened our doors on Mill Street in the Fall of 2013 and can’t remember much since, except that starting, running and growing MHBC has been awesome. If you know us already, you’ve probably been a part of that awesomeness, so thanks for that, and come see us again real soon. If you don’t know us already, here’s the deal: We believe food should taste as amazing as the taste you have in your mind, every time. We love to take something naturally delicious – smoked sausage, thin-crust pizza, a fresh fish – and make the best possible version of it. With the freshest ingredients. From as many local sources as possible. Then we work on it. A lot. With your mom in mind. And one of our killer beers in hand. Meet our A-Team here, who make “holy s#*t” moments happen at Mill House day in and day out.