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  • Interior Designer
  • Home Base: New York City

Mieke ten Have is a New York City based design and interiors journalist, stylist, and consultant. Formerly the Home Editor of Vogue magazine, she is a contributor to Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, House & Garden, and Cultured magazine.  In addition to writing and interior styling, Mieke offers consulting services which include creative direction, product development, and editorial and representation strategy for home brands and designers.

Mieke’s shortlist for the Hudson Valley

McEnroe Organic Farm

Millerton, NY
Contact info ‣

Irving Farm Coffee House

Millerton, NY
Contact info ‣

Instagram @irvingfarm


(518) 789-2020

Millerton Antique Center

Millerton, NY
Contact info ‣

Montage Antiques

Millerton, NY
Contact info ‣

Instagram @montageantiques


(860) 485-3887

Harlem Valley Rail Trail

Harlem Valley, NY
Contact info ‣

Instagram @Harlem Valley Rail Trail


(518) 789-9591

Wassaic Project

Wassaic, NY
Contact info ‣

Instagram @wassaicproject


(855) 927-7242

Innisfree Garden

Millbrook, NY
Contact info ‣

Instagram @Innisfree Garden


(845) 677-8000

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Amenia, NY
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Instagram @serevanny


(845) 373-9800