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McEnroe Organic Farm

Millerton, NY

"They sell wonderful produce and local foods, from meats to honey and cheeses."

Notes from the website:
McEnroe Organic Farm has been NOFA-NY Certified Organic for over 25 years; it is one of New York’s oldest and most diverse certified organic farms and stands at over 1,100 acres of fields, pastures, and greenhouses. Market has grown from a small roadside stand to year-round market, offering local, seasonal, and organic groceries. Talented kitchen staff uses the produce and meats from our farm to create healthy. delicious, and sustainable meals. The farm’s methods include crop rotation, biological pest control, composting, careful cultivation, and cover cropping. We grow certified organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, and feed for our livestock. With green houses and cold frames, we extend the season for organic tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, field greens and herbs, enabling us to grow as early as April and as late as December. For more than 20 years McEnroe’s premium soil blends and compost have been used by other organic growers, regional farms, commercial landscapers, municipal parks, home gardens and for green rooftops. Our composting operation receives manures, leaves and food waste, all of which we organically convert to a high quality compost soil amendment, which we use to ensures a rich and biodiverse organic farm. Our goal is to give our customers confidence in the food they eat, knowing where it was grown, and that it is high-quality, healthy, and free of pesticides and added hormones.