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Maison Bergogne

Narrowsburg, NY

"Le Belle Juliette Hermant has exquisite taste and a talent for sourcing out-of-the-ordinary objects whether it’s taxidermy, mismatched plates and glasses, door handles, a chair – they have it all. In winter she creates the most beautiful Christmas wreaths."

Notes from the website:
Falling in love with a 1920s industrial warehouse by the Delaware river made Juliette Hermant roll up the 26' overhead wooden door and set the stage for Maison Bergogne. The antique emporium is a backdrop for her interior design office, restoration and sourcing services. Juliette, whose French sensibility exerts a gentle influence over the business is active in the burgeoning Main Street revitalization movement that advocates conscious living and food consumerism. A painter, photographer, interior designer, and house whisperer, Juliette envisions Maison Bergogne as a sustainable community hub supporting local artisans, agriculture and commerce. Maison Bergogne offers an eclectic mix of taxidermy, antique hardware and salvaged lighting, and design services in collaboration with Anie Stanley. On the roof, beehives thrive, sustained by native pollinators planted around the property. The building is being transformed by a system of passive energy that will serve as an inspiring model for the area’s residents.