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Little Pickles Children’s General Store

Red Hook, NY

"An adorable children's store in Red Hook with entire sections devoted to fairies, stickers, candy, cooperative toys and more. There is a tree house in the clothing section where little ones can play."

Notes from the website:
At Little Pickles we believe that children deserve to shop in a place where they feel welcome and safe. We believe they deserve to be greeted upon arrival and treated with respect and dignity throughout their shopping experience. We believe that the environment in which they shop should be fun and engaging. We believe that kids deserve a truly magical experience when they are shopping, so that they will remember how wonderful it is, and will want to come back again and again. We believe that play is fundamental to the healthy cognitive, emotional, and social development of every child and have gathered together a unique selection of merchandise, from practical to whimsical, that will support children as they live and play. We believe that every child deserves a good book to read, an engaging toy to play with, a comfortable and durable pair of shoes, and a little candy to suck on. With these every child has an opportunity to thrive.