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Kea Carpets and Kilims

Hudson, NY

David Mann


"I always like to see everything that is new at Kea Carpets and Kilims. Owned by Susan Gomersall and Azy Schecter, and run by Richard Starna, the gallery sells Middle Eastern and Asian area rugs."

Notes from the website:
Kea Carpets And Kilims is a Rug Gallery that was opened in 2001 by three partners who all have a long history in the world of rugs, textiles and design. Kea ceaselessly shops the world to find unique tribal rugs and kilims. Every tribal piece is authenticated, dated and identified either by tribe or country of origin. They also offer in-house designed contemporary rugs and on-site consultations. Susan Gomersall has been collecting and dealing in tribal rugs for 30 years. She has written a book about Kilims Rugs titled "Tribal Tales In Wool" and has delivered many papers about tribal weavings at numerous rug symposiums throughout America. Azy Schecter is a contemporary rug designer, who has been in the design trade for two decades. She works with architects and designers on custom commissions as well as constantly creating new designs for KEA's contemporary line of rugs. Richard Starna who has a rich background in American folk textiles has also been dealing in tribal rugs for 15 years; his keen merchandising eye plays a big role in the unique aesthetic of the company.