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  • Interior Designer
  • Home Base: New York City

Katie Lydon, originally from London, founded her downtown New York interior design firm in 2002. Educated at Wimbledon Art School in London and then Cambridge University, Katie’s interiors reflect her knowledge and passion for antiques and architecture as well as an eye for contemporary art and design. She believes that a balance of classic and modern pieces creates a home that is at once timeless and exciting.

What are you up to these days?

One of my favorite things about the Hudson Valley is the peace and quiet! It’s such a lovely respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Waking up to the sound of birds chirping is one of my favorite ways to start the day. It really is a great antidote to living in NYC. Our family home in Germantown, which is about 10 minutes from Hudson, was built in 1863, and it’s been a labor of love since we bought it eight years ago. I’ve really tried to preserve the history and beauty of the farmhouse, yet continually make necessary upgrades to keep it fresh and modern, as well. (Think: a new cedar roof, replacing 70s asphalt, new kitchen and mudroom, new porch, a contemporary glass extension, to name a few.)

We are quite respectful of the house’s heritage, and I do love its creative feel and welcoming charm as I slowly collect and curate the interior décor. We’ve had some amazing and truly special family times in Hudson, and I love that we’re laying roots in such a unique little town.

Katie’s shortlist for Upstate NY

Hudson Farmers Market

Hudson, NY

Hotel Tivoli & The Corner

Tivoli, NY

“One activity we absolutely love to do is play tennis. We have a red clay court and there are always people coming over to play with my husband, Harris. The kids sometimes hang out there, too. We’ve even been known to have a family game if you can believe it!”

Talbott & Arding

Hudson, NY

Steiner’s Sports

Hudson, NY


Germantown, NY

“After dinner, you can probably find us in the TV room laughing at SNL and lounging around like stuffed Buddhas.”