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Hotel Tivoli & The Corner

Tivoli, NY

Katie Lydon


"If we are lucky we’ll snag a table at The Corner Hotel in Tivoli for brunch. The owners (Brice Marden and his family) have done a fantastic job redecorating the hotel, which is also home to his outstanding personal art collection. It is set in a charming century-old building and the farm-to-table menu somehow seems to appeal to all members of the family—a rare yet important factor, for sure. More than likely I will see a familiar face in there, too!"

"My husband and I both love The Corner, the restaurant in Hotel Tivoli that features incredible farm to table food by Chef Devon Gilroy sourced from local farmers. The personal art collection of painters Brice and Helen Marden is woven throughout the restaurant and the hotel rooms upstairs."


From the shortlist of John Stern


From the shortlist of David Mann

Notes from the website:
Hotel Tivoli and its accompanying farm-to-table restaurant The Corner is a century-old building situated in the historic town of Tivoli, New York. Owned by painters Brice and Helen Marden, the property is filled with an eclectic collection of furniture, lighting and art. There is also The Corner Store offers which offers a curated selection of goods made by local and international artisans. Select items include pottery by Caroline Wallner of Tivoli Tile Works and handmade jewelry by John Corcoran.