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Hawkins New York

Hudson, NY
Notes from the website:
Hawkins New York was born in 2013, when we couldn’t find the products we wanted, in the quality materials we liked to see and feel, at the price-points that seemed to make sense to us. So we made our own. Since then, we’ve traveled the world to partner with artisans and producers that can turn our ideas, sketches, and morning-coffee-fueled dreams into products that we look forward to using and looking at every day. With our own line, we’re able to tell the design story we’ve always wanted to tell in our home, and now we get to see it being told in the homes of our clients and customers everywhere. It’s nice to be in conversation with all of you. We like stuff that’s beautiful, but sometimes a little offbeat, and oftentimes both. We’re happiest existing right where form and function intersect. We have an LA shop, an online store, and really lovely stockists across the country. Stop by, say hi, or drop us a line - we’d love to get to know you, too.