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Harney & Sons

Millerton, NY

Karen Klopp


"Harney’s Tea Room is a quiet place to re-energize."

"Stop off at Harney and Company Tea and pick up some fun gifts and delicious tea."

"The wedding tea is my favorite, of course.”

Notes from the website:
From the venerable general store his grandparents opened in 1919, where you can get hunting knives, cigars, worms, khaki pants and copies of Vogue, Phil Terni has watched Dutchess County’s passing parade for most of his 68 years. The store has seen celebrated customers — Babe Ruth, Ava Gardner, Artie Shaw, Ruth Bader Ginsburg — amble in and out. And Mr. Terni has seen Millerton prosper as an agricultural crossroads with three hotels served by three railroads, and then decline toward irrelevance as the milk processing plant shut down and the farms died. Still, none of that has prepared him for what he sees outside his door every day.