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Hagerty Garage + Social


Garage + Social; an auto storage facility in Bedford Hills where car culture is celebrated; world class vehicle storage and social club; different vintage models are stored together for the viewers delight.

Notes from Hagerty Garage + Social:
The idea came on a Saturday morning in 2005. Bob Machinist, a self-proclaimed gearhead, and some buddies were at the shop where they stored their race cars. The place wasn’t anything special, it wasn’t even especially clean, but this group of enthusiasts ended up there a lot – it was a place where they could sit and share their collective passion for cars. It wasn't long before what was then known as Collectors’ Car Garage first opened in Bedford Hills, NY. Bob and his friends had a place to call their own — automotive in nature, but comfortable too. The idea took hold and soon after Collectors' Car Garage opened a second location in Chicago. In 2019, Hagerty and Collectors’ Car Garage formed a partnership and rebranded as Hagerty Garage + Social. What was born as a car lover’s home away from home just keeps getting better. Come join us.

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