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GioBatta Alimentari

Tivoli, NY
Notes from the website:
Guilia and Giovanni Battista Buitoni sold their family heirloom, a gold pendant, to secure a small space and start a modest pasta shop in the Village of Sansepolcro, Italy. Their home-made pasta was so good that it was not long before requests started coming in from outlying towns and the Buitoni pasta brand was born. In 1870, the family-run establishment was put on a fully-fledged industrial footing by their heir and eldest son, Giovanni Jr.. After winning the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1889, the effective collaboration of Giovanni's brothers brought a change to the name, henceforth called "Gio. E. F.lli Buitoni", as well as to the design of the firm's first trade-mark, portrayed as a star with the acronym of their official name. The Buitoni name became an idelible Italian brand, and the passion for making quality handmade pastas was passed lovingly down thru the family’s generations.