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Gilmor Glass

Millerton, NY

"We find beautiful handmade and custom glassware at Gilmore Glass works and luck into seeing the glass being made in real time (an incredible sight to see!)"

Notes from the website:
Gilmor Glass is the hot glass studio established in 1977 by John and Jan Gilmor in Pine Plains, NY. The studio was moved to Millerton, NY in 1997; our current building was built in 1910 and was one of the first auto shops in New York state. The crossroads location, near both the Litchfield Hills and the Berkshires of Massachusetts, has been transformed into a spacious gallery and studio where the public can witness the age-old techniques of creating art glass. In this setting, extraordinarily beautiful stemware, bowls, vases, and various other pieces are made by hand using mouth-blown and pressed-glass techniques, one at a time. Every step in the glass-making process, from the melting of the sand and other raw materials of which glass is composed, to the design and execution of each piece is done in the Gilmor’s studio. The touch of the artist’s hand is clearly recognizable in the subtle variations from piece to piece, distinguishing the Gilmors’ designs from those mass-produced by machine.