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Frazzleberries Country Store

Warwick, NY
Notes from the website:
What started out as a hobby, slowly turned into gift-giving and before long, gift recipients became gift-givers themselves! Soon word had gotten round that mom had a great eye for folk-art. So much so, that one year, she convinced our dad (and us kids too) to allow her to open up our family home for a holiday folk-art show for the Christmas season. While some of our neighbors thought it odd that we were putting up a Christmas tree up not long after Halloween, we thought it was pretty cool. Even cooler was the line at our front door on opening day! And so, a retail career began- albeit a humble one. Our cashier was our late Aunt Peach perched at a card table in our family room-calculator and cash box in hand. Dad manned the door, Grandma provided some merchandising help and as the oldest kid, I was in charge of keeping an eye on all of the other kids who accompanied their parents to was definitely a family effort! We know that in today's world there is no shortage of businesses with whom you can shop with and we are so grateful and so pleased that you have chosen to visit our website and our stores. As a 2nd-generation family business, we aim to make each of our guests feel like part of the "Frazzleberries Family," and we look forward to seeing you around the stores sometime soon!