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Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

Hyde Park, NY

"The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, so if you’re ready to take a break from contemporary art and brush up on your American history, this presidential library is another museum well worth the drive over to Hyde Park."

“A great day out learning about a very productive former president, his home and his legacy."

Notes from the website:
The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is dedicated to the memory of our nation's thirty-fifth president and to all those who through the art of politics seek a new and better world. Located on a ten-acre park, overlooking the sea that he loved and the city that launched him to greatness, the Library stands as a vibrant tribute to the life and times of John F. Kennedy. Come tour our Museum which portrays the life, leadership, and legacy of President Kennedy, conveys his enthusiasm for politics and public service, and illustrates the nature of the office of the President. Students and scholars can also arrange to conduct research using our collection of historical materials chronicling mid-20th century politics and the life and administration of John F. Kennedy.