Sloatsburg is the gateway to Upstate NY and Harriman State Park. It’s where the Ramapo Mountains meet the Hudson River.
The historic village is  located at the west end of famous 7 lakes  drive which goes all the way to the Hudson River past lakes and mountain through 70,000 acres of forever wild parkland.

Only 30 minutes from the George Washington bridge by car with a train stop in the village where you will find lots of places to eat and drink and about a mile walk to the trail head at Reeves Meadow.

For day hikers I suggest starting at Reeves meadow, you can choose between a chill hike along  the brook to a hidden lake and bike or  take 7 Hills trail for a more advanced hike with ridge lines, scrambles and big views.

You will find yourself back at the brook after about 2.5 hours and you can follow it back to the trail head or you can cross the brook and add the 5th hill to add about 90 minutes. I recommend you down load all trails free  app before heading out.

Before or after your hike Sloatsburg has many places to eat and drink, all walkable from he train station.

Places to Visit on a Day Trip to Sloatsburg, NY

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