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Brad Ford is a high-end interior designer based in New York City. With a highly edited vision and a strong hand, Brad has developed a spare, modern aesthetic with a warm soul. Originally from Russellville, Arkansas, he moved to Manhattan 22 years ago and established his own firm Brad Ford ID in 1998 with an emphasis on residential spaces. His interiors showcase signature designs that are understated yet sophisticated, straightforward, elegant and functional. Balance, light, space and color factor into all of his designs, creating a timeless effect. Clean lines and simple but well-crafted furnishings, with an attention to texture and the highest quality materials are Brad Ford ID essentials.

Brad’s Playlist for Kingston, NY

Clove and Creek

Hops Petunia Floral

Livingston Manor, NY test

Stockade Tavern

Exit Nineteen


Blackcreek Mercantile

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by Brad Ford

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