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Casana Tea House

Hillsdale, NY

Frank Rosa


"Casana serves breakfast and lunch. My favorite is their French toast. And they serve breakfast all day!"

Notes from the website:
L​ocated at 2633 State Route 23, Hillsdale, NY​, Casana T House specializes in artisan tea, sustainable coffee, and​ gourmet pastries.​ ​Casana T House is the perfect place to try beverages from all around the world, each with a distinctive story.​ Join us ​for a work day outside the office, an intimate meeting, ​or to study with friends. Need to relax? ​Cozy up with a book,​ or play a game with a new friend! ​Whatever experience you desire, ​we're here for you. ​Visit us today and transport ​to​ ​a ​peaceful​, meditative​ ​place where ​culture and indulgence ​collide