Barryville Farmers’ Market

Barryville, NY

BUSINESS STATUS: Market / Shop: Online orders, Pickup, Additional: Donations
Hours of operation:
Tu 10am-Th 6pm; Pick-up Sat 10am-12pm
Updates from the field:

“Inspired by a time in American history when citizens were encouraged to be resourceful, creative and proactive, the Barryville Farmers’ Market presents the Victory Garden Project. For our pilot program, we are partnering with our local farmers and purveyors to obtain pre-packed bags of food for weekly pick-up. We have a wide variety of fresh produce, meats, dairy, baked goods and some home goods like soap and hand sanitizer. There is also an opportunity to make cash donations that go directly to the Eldred Backpack Program, which works through the local school to dispense food to families in distress. There is another option for donations to the entirely volunteer-based market, which has to cover its operating expenses.”

From the website of Barryville Farmers’ Market: The Barryville Farmers’ Market was started in 2005 by Mark Veeder and Cooper Boone. Both Veeder and Boone hail from rural roots and strongly felt a need to support the American farmer. "Everyone told us we were crazy to start this farmers’ market" says Boone. "But look at it now - it's a bustling event every Saturday in our town and has grown from 2 farmers when we started to over 15 farmers, food producers and artisans!"

Our mission is to educate consumers on healthy, local-based eating habits and promote the importance of supporting local farmers, as they are the cornerstones of a healthy community.

The Barryville Farmers’ Market is supported by the Pratt-Heins Foundation, Akt Excavating and River Market.

3385 NY-97, Barryville, NY 12719, USA - map  • 
(570) 224-8013

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