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Barryville Farmers’ Market

Barryville, NY

"Market in Barryville—the ideal market. Not too many vendors – but the ones that are there have everything essential. One can stock up on a weekend’s worth of organic and local food."

Notes from the website:
The Barryville Farmers’ Market was started in 2005 by Mark Veeder and Cooper Boone. Both Veeder and Boone hail from rural roots and strongly felt a need to support the American farmer. "Everyone told us we were crazy to start this farmers’ market" says Boone. "But look at it now - it's a bustling event every Saturday in our town and has grown from 2 farmers when we started to over 15 farmers, food producers and artisans!" Our mission is to educate consumers on healthy, local-based eating habits and promote the importance of supporting local farmers, as they are the cornerstones of a healthy community. The Barryville Farmers’ Market is supported by the Pratt-Heins Foundation, Akt Excavating and River Market.