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Millbrook, NY
Notes from the website:
BARBARO is located in the center of downtown historic Millbrook, NY. A jewel-box, sitting on the corner of Franklin Ave. and Church St., the space exudes warmth and intimacy upon first entering the open dining room. Grand mirrors with antique gold frames, sportsman’s artifacts such as polo mallets and riding helmets, and sun-kissed terra cotta pottery pay homage to the area’s equestrian heritage while simultaneously referencing old-world aesthetics. A pizzaiolo pulls piping hot Neapolitan-style pizzas from a wood-fired Pavesi oven, visible from the dining room and a focal point of the restaurant. The space sets the stage for the main event--a menu that features time-honored Italian dishes, from salads to pastas to main dishes, lovingly crafted with local products as well as top-quality Italian imports.