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Babette’s Kitchen

Millbrook, NY

"If you’re looking for something quick in the town of Millbrook, start the day at Babette’s Kitchen with their freshly baked muffins, scones, croissants and gourmet coffee."

"We sip our delicious cold pressed coffee in the charming storefront café and catch up with multiple friends stopping by to grab a famous biscuit egg sandwich."


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Babette's Kitchen is dedicated to using local seasonal ingredients. Over the years we have built relationships with local farmers who supply us with the best produce the Hudson Valley has to offer. Our convenient dinners to go are always changing with the season. Pair seasonal salads, pastas and other side dishes with entrees like grilled salmon, spaghetti squash bake, roasted sirloin of beef, and turkey meatloaf. We also offer a variety of foods to accommodate special dietary needs such as wheat free, low carb, low sugar, and vegan options.