Alicia Adams Alpaca

Millbrook, NY

BUSINESS STATUS: Market / Shop: Online orders, Delivery, Pickup, Temporarily closed, Other: Temporarily closed
Hours of operation:
24/7 online
Updates from the field:

“Even though our front door is temporarily closed to our customers, our virtual door is always open. Please visit us at www.aliciaadamsalpaca.com
Enjoy free 2-day shipping or if you prefer curbside pick-up from our store in Millbrook, NY please get in touch with us!
We are donating 15% of sales to Global Giving and Heart to Heart International benefitting global Coronavirus relief efforts.
Stay well and healthy. We thank you for your ongoing support!”

From the website of Alicia Adams Alpaca: Alicia Adams Alpaca Inc. is a family business which specializes in the design and production of textiles and clothing utilizing the natural and sustainable characteristics of one of the rarest and most luxurious materials – alpaca wool. Under the auspices of a sister company, Adams Suri Alpacas Inc., Alicia Adams Alpaca Inc. raises and manages a herd of over 200 Suri alpacas at a beautiful farm in New York’s Hudson Valley, about 90 miles north of New York City. With about 80 acres of rolling meadows, dense woods, and lush ponds, the farm is also home to Alicia Adams and her family.

The alpacas at the farm are shorn yearly and their fiber processed into yarns for home wares and accessories as well as clothing for adults and children. Items made of fur / hide are “guilt-free” meaning that they are harvested from alpaca who have deceased due to natural causes. We do not condone that animals be killed for their fur, nor are any of our products made from fur harvested in that manner. All Alicia Adams Alpaca products are manufactured in the United States and in Peru utilizing the incredible handiwork of local artisans who continue the pre-Incan tradition of working alpaca fibers. In an effort to give back to them, Alicia Adams Alpaca actively supports artisan families and their communities.

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